Purse & Clutch

@purseandclutch // Ethiopia + Guatemala

At Purse & Clutch, we are great admirers of artistic design & hold to our strong commitment to support ethical labor practices. All of our handbags are made with beautiful, quality, handwoven cotton fabrics from Guatemala & durable, elegant leather from Ethiopia.

Our personal favorite is this Outside Pockets Handbag – the leather is SO amazing & I can finally find my phone & keys in the pockets!

View More: http://brandonhillstories.pass.us/purseandclutch-1

We know the names of the men & the women who make each one of our handbags. Our commitment to ethical fashion starts at the very beginning of the process & ends with you carrying the most beautiful bag in the room.

View More: http://brandonhillstories.pass.us/purseandclutch-2

We all have a choice to make ethical purchases & to help break the cycle of poverty. Buying fair trade & ethically sourced products has a positive impact on the industry & is a step towards the denormalization of buying from sweatshops with unethical working conditions. We can make a difference by choosing to care how things are made.

View More: http://brandonhillstories.pass.us/purseandclutch-1

Every purchase at Purse & Clutch contributes to our mission of supporting & sustaining long-term employment for men & women with limited opportunities! Our bags are truly one of kind, slowly handcrafted by our dedicated artisans.

We believe that what you wear (or in our case, what you carry!) is a reflection of who you are.

Photo Credit: Brandon Hill (@howdybrandon)


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