@uekanistudio // Mexico

My name is Gabriel. I am from Guadalajara, Mexico. I started this project alone, but I am now working with a French girl, Aurelie. She is vital to our project and has a lot of passion for what we do.

I started the project about one year ago. I was helping in an hostel when I met a really talented woman that had to be a cleaning lady instead of doing her art. Her art didn’t give her enough money to have a decent life. After this, I started to look deeper and I saw the real problem of handicrafts in Mexico. Our culture is dying little by little, one reason is because artists often lose their belief in themselves. Another reason is because Chinese products are invading the country, devaluing handmade and high quality crafts.


Our main goal is to preserve the culture of  this beautiful country and to tell the world about our lives, our chaos, our legends, and our art. We want to show the world another view of our communities, going deeper and showing the point of view of the indigenous. We want our customers to know who is making their handicraft, how it is made, and the meaning behind it. Our mission is not about selling, it’s really about sharing culture, beliefs, fears, daily life, and habits.


Another of our main objective is to stop the exploitation of artists, especially indigenous artists that are now in a really bad economic situation. We want to show the world how difficult their art is, how long it takes, and what it means to them. They are not just selling scarfs in the market, those fabrics are a testimony of their history.


If we forget and don’t care to preserve the history and culture of our indigenous towns, we will lose one of our biggest heritages as human beings.

We have found support from different people around the world that want to contribute in this cause. We are also working with volunteers, every one of them with a great commitment and a big heart, so the entire project is about sharing and making things with love.



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