@feelgoodbali // Bali

At FeelGood, we’re doing what we love – empowering women to be beautiful inside and out by handcrafting sleepwear-to-streetwear pajamas that are stylish, sustainable, and helping others. They are not just pajamas, we call them Happy Helping Pajamas. FeelGood was born of a single dream: to let pajamas not only feel good and look good, but do good as well.

Our story starts with Tessie’s decision to leave the corporate world and accept a volunteer position in Jakarta to pursue a lifelong passion of helping educate underprivileged children. One supposed to be month of relaxation in Bali turned to be the beginning of what now FeelGood is about. On an educational tour to West Bali, Tess met Agnes, a Balinese woman who was selling jewelry to fund her own dream: building a pre-kindergarten school for children born into poverty.


Seeing how someone like Agnes—with no money and no support—could do such incredibly powerful work, we started asking ourselves: How can we do our part to not only help Agnes pursue her dream in a sustainable, long-term way, but also spread happiness and joy into the world?

So we turned to our own happy place: pajamas. But not just any typical pajamas. Stylish yet liberating, chic yet relaxing, simple yet loving pajamas with a real purpose.

Stylish because they so easily go from sleepwear to street wear. You’re chic and comfortable when you wear your pajamas for the most important part of your day, your beauty sleep. Or for your all day comfort outside bedroom. We’ve taken the classic pajama and upgraded it in chic, elevated way, suited to everyday use, barefoot or with shoes. They’re so versatile, you can really value more time with your made-to-last pajamas. 


Sustainable because what you’re wearing is made with ethically and proudly sourced fabrics from Japan and Indonesia (and soon India) and made with joy and sustainable manufacturing practices by skilled Balinese artisans who are given safe, clean working conditions and fair living wages.

Helping others because each purchase is helping underprivileged children in Bali get the education they deserve. Proceeds of sales go to two kindergartens in Bali namely PAUD Cemara Kasih and PAUD Widya Kumara Sari. Every pajama contributes to paying school fees for children from families in extreme poverty, and various initiatives for the continuous improvement of the school curriculum.

You’re also empowering sisterhood of women who are rallying to support the brand and the pre-schools. We named our pajamas after these empowered women. It has been life changing – women empowering each other to help others. Isn’t it wonderful that when you wear your pajamas, you look beautiful while you feel good that you’re celebrating humanity and beauty, creating a healthier world, and helping others? 


Each and every pajama that we handcraft is loaded with so much culture, going beyond borders: it’s a celebration of culture and artistic traditions, with fabrics carefully handpicked from countries with a strong cultural fabric heritage.

We choose the beautiful and comfortable batik from Indonesia, meticulously hand drawn by traditional batik painters using time-honored processes. Or the unique double gauze cotton from Japan which is created from two layers of cloth tacked together at regular intervals with undetectable little stitches. Or the 100% naturally hand-colored silk with that is meticulously hand-drawn by hot wax using a traditional technique called “batik-tulis”: truly a work of art, each pajama requiring a full team of batik artisans and several days of dedicated work to see the light of the day.


We honor simplicity and beauty through our fabrics and craftsmanship, spreading love for the artisans and their traditional methods of cloth making, which is slowly disappearing with the modern world’s fast fashion.

Every piece in our collection is handcrafted by experienced, talented, and passionate local workers in clean, safe, and environmentally friendly workshops and for fair wages, continuously enhancing the skills of young women and men with physical limitations, to help them find a meaningful career building something beautiful.


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