@yumajai // Colombia

Yumajai is all about collaborating and use a co-creation process with local talented indigenous artisans and young promising designers in Colombia to fuse an ancient indigenous craft & art with a modern design approach to generate unique designs.  Our philosophy  s based on a co-creation design approach and the ethics of a win-win-win culture so that our brand supports the communities we work with while simultaneously creating unique fashion designs and social impact


What the name ‘Yumajai’ mean? In the Native Embera Tribe in Colombia, the word “Yumajai” refers to the Spirit (Jai) of the Rainbow (Yuma). It symbolizes the essence that each of us is a unique color in the world, and each color is an important part of the whole tribe, community, and world we are living in

Our social mission is to To improve the life condition & boost the opportunities of the native artisan’s communities in Colombia. we aim to solve The lack of opportunities and access to resources that the native artisan’s communities in Colombia have and to create new skills (soft) & education to thrive throw more sustainable and resilient future.

DSC_2846 copy

How it really works? Each Jewelry that Yumajai sell is equal 1 hour of training for a group of 3-15 Indigenous artisans. The topic & Type of training is based on the needs of the specific community, it bases on research process the Yumajai Team leads in a participatory, Dialogue & circular approach with the community & Person to person. As well all the training is following the Yumajai ‘Win Win Win’ ethical approach; Personal Growth, community building & services to the earth.
Profill picture.jpg


Each product has a meaning in the ancestral knowledge of the artisan we work with. each one as a name in English or Spanish and also in the native language of the tribe or group. each one of the pieces we co-create is an amulet  loaded with deep and different meaning

DSC_3024 copy


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