@carao // Peru

Carao began during my college years as a safe-space for artistic experimentation. After I graduated from university I traveled to Perú to learn traditional silversmithing from Alfredo Huapaya, an artisan who lives in Lima.


After two years of studying the craft, interacting with artisans, and learning about their lives and realities I decided to relaunch Carao as a platform for income-generating opportunities that would transform the lives of rural migrants in the city of Lima, Perú. 

In order to generate sustainable change, I created a business model that partners with artisans in urban areas of the province of Lima to produce Carao products. Artisans get paid out front, establish their rates and working time, and have the materials delivered to their communities.


The main focus of the project is to provide quality, pricing and volumes to compete in the mainstream consumer market; while preserving and giving new life to heritage practices in the country. Carao strives to be a multidimensional brand that grows and evolves by reacting to the needs of our consumers, without neglecting the needs of the community that works to produce our pieces.


Our collections are inspired by nature and traditional pre-Columbian designs. Our bold yet minimal aesthetic is made to appeal to the contemporary urban woman. Our consumers shop a product that adapts to their personal style, earnings and way of life. All pieces are designed to relate to each other and pieces of previous Carao collections.

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