@slumwear108 // India

slumwear108 was born out of a very simple desire to materialize all the potential that my friend Kath and I (Kim) experience working with slum communities in Jaipur, India. We created a social enterprise called ‘The Possibility Project’, our purpose is to peacefully disrupt beliefs about ‘possibility’.


Part of our work has been to create slumwear108, a slow clothing range made by former street youth and people living in absolute poverty. The creative energy of these artisans is the most renewable, powerful, and sustainable resource we have to work with, which is imbued in all of our products. We set up workshops and engagements at home (Australia) to remind our communities of the power of being creative to solve our social problems. We are passionate about getting a message out that anything is possible if you value your imaginative capacity.

santosh 1 copy

Our products represent unity. So many social justice issues come from a ‘divided mindset’, we want to deliver solutions that come from a place of commonality. We highlight what men, women, rich, poor, young, and old all have in common, a creative spirit that can imagine all possibilities, and that is what we want to ignite in our world. slumwear108 is about the light within the darkness.

peace cape

There is a saying that peace is not the absence of war, but the remembering that we are so much more than war. All of our products are an example of how great the light is in pretty dark spaces. We actually managed to source some old Indian Army tents and have made peace symbols that go on the back of one of our products! We think that’s a pretty cool way to transform war into peace!

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