@arturedesign // India

Shivani (my partner) and I met after a long time. Both of us had a vision to create something that had an an impact. It bothered both of us about the source of leather. We wanted to do something about it. My crazy love for bags and her educational background in accessory design led us to start Arture.

Arture is a PETA approved premium lifestyle accessory brand that makes bags and wallets made out of cork fabrics. Arture was started with the aim of providing good quality, durable and sustainable alternative to leather.


A little more about our brand, we ensure top quality by going au naturale! We want everybody to see fashion with a whole new perspective and at the same time, we promise to be fun, interesting and unique! Arture provides one of the most exquisite designs with soul and compassion. We care for this world, and this is our way of expressing our love for nature – artistically and fashionably! Not only are we non-leather and animal friendly, but we will also help the world in doing their bit to help nature.

Launch (1).jpg

Our accessories are made out of cork fabrics that are sourced from the Mediterranean, and the products are designed in house. Cork is the outcome of harvesting of the cork oak trees once every nine years. Cork is a natural material, which is also water-proof, lightweight, strong and anti-fungal.

We also ensure ethical manufacturing practices. As much as we love the animals, our brand, the love for accessories we love the people who make out bags.


Our collection speaks basically of the story of us – the founders of Arture. It is the rediscovery, the attention and the nurturing of our relationship with nature. Our collection and our stories will take you on a journey, where man will go back to his roots, and learn to connect with his primal needs; being stripped down of the materialistic and focus only on the essential. Man and nature have been a sole entity and the two used to have a very powerful connection. But with the advancements in technology, this bond has been reinvented and there has been a wonderful fusion of the basic and the contemporary; the urbane and the gritty; This is us. This is Arture.

son to mom.jpg

Each of our products are careful designed in a way that it solves a problem. A detailed research is done before any accessory is designed.   All of our wallets come with a SIM card slot that helps store your second sim and pin while traveling. Our bags come with easy access loops to hangs keys, headsets anything that could get lost in a bag. Our style is minimalistic and we believing in keep things simple.  We are fashionable brand, but at the same time functional.

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