Creations for Continuity

@creationsforcontinuity // Northern Canada

The name Creations for Continuity comes from my deep aspiration to honor and continue on the legacies and traditions of my ancestors through a contemporary creative lens. My brand, Creations for Continuity, emerged shortly after high school. While researching and discovering more of my cultural identity, I developed my unique artistic style – combining deep rooted traditional techniques and materials with urban elements and designs. Currently I am back in art school expanding my creative and traditional skill set by expanding my creations to media such as baleen, ivory , and metal-smithing in combination with my quill and hide work.


My art draws on the idea of indigenous walking in two worlds. I grew up watching my Nanuk (grandmother) speak her native tongue, but not understanding much. It made me feel extremely disconnected. While she was still living & eating traditionally, she was completely out of her cultural environment and I never got to experience the full spectrum of the Inuvialuit lifestyle.

Part of what drew me to Create for Continuity was to give voice and acknowledgement about the traditions and roots of my community, while further exploring and expressing my indigenous identity with my personal style in the process.


As a strong and resilient indigenous woman, I find most of my strength in freely expressing and creating art that connects me to my culture. A strong piece of art, for me, isn’t one that simply looks beautiful, but encourages others to look at a person, a place,  or a culture in a respectful and appropriate manner that isn’t completely stuck in the past. Often times when I look at Indigenous art, it can be quite static. As a culture that is known to be nomadic, learning how to adapt to our current surroundings was the only way of survival. In a similar way, our culture has learned to adapt in these modern times and my work very much reflects that idea of carrying on traditions and adapting it to the current fashion.


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