Chilote Shoes

@chiloteshoes // Chile

Chilote Shoes is an unstoppable brand that 100% embodies the philosophy of Factory-Free and Slow-Made methods. Founded in Chile’s Patagonia the mission behind Chilote Shoes is to provide responsible products for consumers, such as the ethical wool slippers created by artisans in Patagonia, in order to empower indigenous communities to preserve their unique culture and community.

“The main inspiration for this product was the local social and a material resource available in the Chilean Patagonia. We could not have designed this product in a studio in any major city as the discoveries and opportunities identified a direct result of our interaction and relationship with the local culture, communities, and industry.”


“As Co-Founders, initially, we did not set out to develop a line of sustainable footwear, far from it. Francisca and I (Stiven) met while working on related social design projects in the small town of Puerto Varas, known as the gateway to the Chilean Patagonia. At the time, we had both identified the growing adverse effects of globalization in the local community. Together we developed a strong interest to further understand these social implications and decided to act. After many iterations and unsuccessful experiments, Chilote Shoes was born.

Our intention is to leverage the power of creative problem solving, often described as “design thinking,” to make a positive impact for people and the planet. In practical terms, this means enabling more inclusive and responsible ways to co-create mutual value through business.”

Chilote Shoes are gorgeous positive impact wool slippers, handmade in Patagonia through a coop system of ethical production.

There is no factory and therefore, each pair is made “slow” with care and pride by independent artisan women doing what they know and love: knitting.

“The slippers were co-created with the local community to empower and sustain a unique culture and craft. They are harnessing the history and heritage of the artisan women in Patagonia to not only provide a fair wage system of creating an income but also to tell their story. Chilote also prides themselves on their partnership with the artisans and their craft in Patagonia. They work independently, orchestrating their local network and production, which is an integral part of the high-quality standards of their products.”

“What is even more exciting is that when you purchase Chilote Shoes, you connect directly with the woman who made them through the QR codes. The product codes link to the artisan group you are supporting who crafted your unique pair showing their geo-location in Patagonia.

Chilote Shoes is providing women with something beautiful, the opportunity to champion ethical working environments and gain access to fair wages, community, and a future.”

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