@wayawayabags // Zambia

“WAYAWAYA is a family, and a different kind of brand. Every stitch we make is a physical proof that people matter. We are part of the movement that wants to turn fashion into a fair and meaningful industry for all the people involved. This is a movement that is concerned with slowly building professional pride and placing people at the center. Slow is good and good is fair. In short, slow fashion, and the art of making every second count, is done by supporting Zambian women in achieving their dreams and helping them reach their full potential. A more balanced, equal and human direction.”


“We provide vocational training to Zambian women with lower educational foundation. Zambian women are unquestionably resourceful, talented, strong-willed and hard working. To invest in women is to invest in their children, their fellow sisters, their neighbors and their communities. By women for women is a concept inspired by the fellowship between Zambian mothers and sisters. Together, we carry out vocational training, artisan programs and form viable employment.”

WAYAWAYA is a Zambian phrase which means “the art of wasting time”


“As part of the slow fashion movement we take this phrase quite literary. It takes time to create a good skillset and it takes time to create a beautiful product. This is how it should be. The signature pattern is a symmetrical palindrome that reads the same << up side down >>. Read closely and you will find the brand name, WAYAWAYA. The insignia represents the hour glass – reminding us to make time for what matters.”


“When it comes to the leather products we like mixing bold colors and textures for the inside, whilst keeping the exterior simplistic with natural warm and cold shades. Scandinavian design with attention to detail.”

Credit: Video & photographs by Eivind A. Hansen



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