Where In The World Apparel

@whereintheworldapparel // Nepal

Where in the World Apparel creates responsibly crafted wearables for the mindful adventurer, using only the highest quality raw materials: organic cotton, hemp and silk blends, partnered with traditional handmade textile techniques that go back centuries, such as handloom.

“Each collection is designed to give back. From rebuilding homes after the devastating earthquake in Nepal, to providing warm clothes to students outside Kathmandu for the cold winter months, WITWA implements a mindful community product during each collection. For every piece you purchase, we give one back to a community in need.”

We are mindful crafters: Working with local artisans in new countries each season, discovering textile traditions that date back centuries and works toward preserving these traditions by sharing them with the world through our collections. We create our clothes only in safe, fair labor factories.

We love stories: Each piece in our collection tells a story. Our latest collection features a story by Nimdoma Sherpa, the youngest female to summit Mt. Everest in 2008.

“We are lovers of travel: Searching the world to highlight different cultures and colors in each of our collections.”

Each product that we design is inspired by cultures and colors from countries around the world. Each season, we travel to a new country, work with local artisans and incorporate elements that inspire us on our travels – whether it be the vast landscapes, bustling cities, fruits or vibrant colors. We also incorporate travel stories that we collect on the way. For this, each collection is entirely unique to the region, bringing a fresh perspective to sharing culture.

Where in the World Apparel is all about cozy and adventure-friendly pieces that you can’t take your next adventure without. Come along with us for the ride, as we highlight traditional colors and cultures from all corners of the globe.



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