Threads of Peru

@threadsofperu // Peru

Threads of Peru is about revitalizing ancient Peruvian weaving traditions, while also providing people (mostly women) with a sustainable income. This income will provide better opportunities for their children, enabling them to improve their education and retain close ties with their land and their traditions.

We started our work in 2009, a passionate collaboration of cultures: the Co-Founders represent Canadians, an Australian and Peruvian, all working with the local Quechua culture of the Andes.

We’re constantly inspired by the people, their resourcefulness and of course the mighty landscapes of the Andes. The colourful traditions of the Andes also provides a fascinating backdrop for the work that we do.

Our mission is to be a not-for-profit social enterprise that connects the world to handmade treasures of the Andes, helping to strengthen ancient craft techniques and empower artisans.

“Our model has three elements: Strengthen, Empower, Connect”

Our products are pieces of classic fashion, while representing ancient craftsmanship going back thousands of years. Traditional weaving is an incredibly important component of identity in the high Andes, along with traditional alpaca herding and the use of the native Quechua language.

Since Quechua was originally an oral language, weaving was the means by which people communicated their thoughts and feelings about the natural world, how stories were told, and histories recorded.

Andean weaving is rich with innumerable Quechua symbols and patterns, which tell complex stories of the interactions between the artisans and their natural environment. Every detail of a textile conveys meaning, from the woven symbols themselves, to the colours and spin of the yarn, to the placement of Quechua symbols in relation to other icons woven into the textile.

The Quechua Collection by Threads of Peru is the culmination of years of wandering the rolling hills of the Andes, drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours, culturally rich designs, and awe-inspiring mastery of traditional Quechua weaving. Using natural dyes to colour wool and alpaca fiber, the fiber is dyed by artisans using recipes that have been passed down through many generations.

Each item of the Quechua Collection holds profound meaning and tells part of the ancient story of the breathtaking Andean world. On Peruvian textiles, the pallay (“designs” in Quechua) are centuries-old representations of the natural environment and demonstrate the inspiration of indigenous artisans. Each pallay is unique to the region where the textile is woven. Each item bears a name drawn from the Quechua language, whose beautiful rhythms have echoed through the Andes for centuries.

The concepts for this collection were developed to offer an exquisite diversity of Peruvian elegance: Latin America, full of sumptuous colours and vibrant designs; and Classic, for fashion statements of timeless elegance.

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