Solo Hope

@solohope // Honduras

Emilee, the founder of SoloHope, had been traveling back and forth to Honduras since 2002. During that time, she built some amazing friendships with women in the remote mountains of Intibuca. She listened to the women share their stories and express the challenges they were facing-the struggle to provide for themselves and their children. It was clear: there was a need for jobs for women!

In 2012, Emilee had a random idea for bracelets created out of pine needles + thread. She met with a woman named Dilcia who knew how to handcraft baskets from pine needles + thread but didn’t have a steady market for her goods. She showed her rough sketches of the bracelets Emilee had in mind and asked her if she thought it was possible. She quietly said yes. And that’s when all the fun really got started!

SoloHope officially launched in 2012 with two Honduran artisans and Emilee stateside, with just 80 bracelets in the classic bangle design. “We’ve really taken off from then! We now have a product line that features women’s accessories and home goods and we partner with 16 women!”

“Each of our pieces represents hope. Poverty often makes you feel like you don’t have a choice, but hope allows you to see the possibilities around you. Our ultimate goal is to create a legacy of hope in our artisans, their families, and communities for generations to come.”


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