Soles for Change

@solesforchange // Colombia

“Soles For Change started with a trip to our beautiful Colombia. After living abroad in Australia and the United States for over 16 years we realized we have never actually seen what Colombia had to offer.”

We decided to pack our bags and bring our family along to explore Santander, Colombia. We started in Bucaramanga and some of the locals told us we had to see Barichara and its surroundings. We took a bus there and 3 hours later we were in the most amazing place we have ever seen. The people, the scenery, the food, it was all perfect. We greeted the locals who were very proud of what they did, showing us all their handmade products. We knew right there and then we had to show the world their handiwork.

Their life stories are impressive. It was a life changing experience for us and we hope we can bring their products from their hands to yours.

The art behind each pair of Soles sandals represents the creativity behind a single artisan mother from Santander, Colombia, as they design every single pair! The goal is to help improve the quality of life of Colombian artisans from a small region called Curiti by showing the world their handiwork with fique (a natural fibre that grows in the leaves of the fique plant) and other materials used to create these beautiful shoes.

Each of our pieces represents hope. Poverty often makes you feel like you don’t have a choice, but hope allows you to see the possibilities around you. Our ultimate goal is to create a legacy of hope in our artisans, their families, and communities for generations to come.


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