One Loom Designs

@oneloomdesigns // Guatemala

The story of One Loom began when two good friends met for a cup of coffee and some girl time.. One friend had a desire to use her textile and fashion degree with purpose, while the other friend was desperately seeking ways to employ a back-strap loom weaver in El Rosario, Guatemala. This woman had been abandoned by her husband without means to care for her daughter and infant son.

“After many conversations and prayer, we knew we needed to help this “One” weaver by purchasing her beautiful hand-loomed textiles and producing desirable products out of the fabric. Hence the name: One Loom.”

We are currently “Weaving a Beautiful Story” working alongside a nonprofit organization based in El Rosario, Guatemala that focuses on mentoring and educating women and children. It is through this connection that we learned about the women needing job opportunities. Together, we train the women in sewing, spend time with them weekly, and educate them in financial planning.

Our textiles are made with 100% natural cotton, turning the plant into threads using old techniques and botanic organic dyes. These threads are then woven into beautiful fabrics on a back-strap loom by hand. Our fabrics are then handmade into quality products.

We love using the ancient art form of weaving in our products. Our weavers have learned these techniques from their mother, who learned from their mothers, who learned from their mothers. The legacy that is represented in each woven fabric is inspiring. By turning the hand-loomed fabric into a usable and fashionable product for purchase creates more work and creative opportunity for seamstress in the community.

This opportunity has changed so much for these women and their children. They are able to put food on the table for their families, show their children good work ethic, get better at their skill whether it be weaving or sewing and begin to prepare for their future instead of just surviving today.

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