Maverick Eyewear

@maverickeyewear // Los Angeles, United States

On the beach one sunny afternoon we asked “Why”? Why are eclectic and creative people stuck wearing plastic and mainstream sunglasses? Shouldn’t there be a brand that let’s you create the sunglasses that represent who you are? Our curiosity about creating personalized eyewear began to fuse with our love for nature.

We spend every minute we can outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, kayaking, camping or surfing, we love being active in nature. So we thought that if we could combine modern fashion with nature’s materials, while providing exceptional handmade craftsmanship.

“We wanted to create a style that harnesses nature’s fine detail and majestic beauty, taming the elements for your face. Soon after we established Maverick Eyewear.” –Andrew & Kristin, founders

Each of our three frame collections embody the authentic nature of each iconic beach community it represents: Malibu, Manhattan and Venice. Each pair is an individual piece of art, infused with the smells, ocean air and natural materials sourced locally. We create eyewear that tells a story: the story of where each of us meets Los Angeles – the moment when who you are finds something of Los Angeles to call your own.

We believe it is important to restore a sense of human and geographic connection between ourselves and the goods we buy and wear. When you buy your shades from Maverick Eyewear, you experience a personal connection with Los Angeles itself and your neighbours here who handmade this pair just for you.

At Maverick, each pair of sunglasses are handcrafted to infuse a human quality into the experience.

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