@marvaanstyle // Nepal

Marvaan is a socially focused, premium fashion and lifestyle brand dedicated to enriching, uplifting and connecting the world through a curated selection of unique, sustainable, ethically sourced, handmade jewelry which shares rich cultural heritages from across the world.

Meet the visionary behind Marvaan, Ali. Featuring handmade vintage rings made from antique 19th century spoons and forks. Each ring is triple-plated silver over copper, handmade in Canada with zero environmental impact. For every piece sold, 5% is donated to a local food bank to feed a hungry person.

“We are inspired by the humanity, creativity and beauty of the world around us. Our vision is to use fashion as a vehicle for making positive change by enriching, uplifting, inspiring and connecting people across continents and cultures. What compels this endeavor is love for our world full of diverse cultures and people. This is why we created Marvaan.”

“Marvaan” is a Sanskrit word meaning journey of purpose. It is a celebration of life and of our individual journeys.

The Agira necklace that is featured here is hand carved from yak bone in the Himalayan mountains by a community of Tibetan refugee women. The yak is a sacred animal for the Tibetans due to its lifelong service. Upon its passing, the yak is honored by making prayer beads to remind us to always live in service of other human beings.


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