Knitted Lov

@knittedlov // Austria

After many years as an International Sales Manager for fashion brands, traveling all over the world and connecting with most of the best fashion players worldwide, Orsola (founder of Knitted Love) realized that life was running too fast.

“To jump on a plane to Milan, Paris, Amsterdam, London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Moscow, Tokyo… and sleep in hotel rooms, never being able to call a place “home”, became normal for me. Amsterdam, has been my base for 3 years, but I had more friends at Schipol airport than in my own neighbourhood.”

One day I woke up, left everything behind and found my true happiness in a small city of Austria, surrounded by mountains, lakes and love. During the moving from my family house in Italy to my new home, I found the knitting set of my grandmother – a green wrap with every sort of needles and hooks inside, a red working box in wood and an old Singer sewing machine. Without thinking twice, I took this sort of old treasures with me. Full of renovated energy, in a few months I started many new projects. All of a sudden, once again, life started to run fast! How to slow down? Knitting was the answer! I took my grandma’s set and tried to make a hat for my boyfriend for Christmas. The result was a disaster. I started to search for a knitting lady, that could do the hat for me…

I entered a little shop, full of vintage books and walls covered with the softest yarns I’ve ever touched. The owner, while talking to me, was knitting. She told me her story, and a whole new world opened to me. A land made of wonderful ladies, that with slow hand’s movements are able, stitch after stitch, to create masterpieces. My job has been “just” to give a name to this beautiful collection and to give it a commercial and financial structure. The rest has been made only by the premium quality of the yarns and by The Knitters, who were full of excitement having knitted the first samples set of their life. The first season of Knitted Love has been a success with more than 150 pieces (hats and scarfs) sold to a limited selection of retailers in Italy and Austria.

I am proud of my small, sustainable fashion project that finally gives me the possibility to “do what you love, love what you do” by supporting local production, respecting people, our environment, animals, and bringing my small contribution. Slow fashion is a beautiful alternative to mass production. Before choosing a brand to promote in my fashion agency, I check first if they respect their people and follow sustainability protocols. When we buy something, we should always ask ourselves “Who made my clothes” in order to protect human beings from slavery and mass exploitation!


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