Hey Girl Market

@heygirlmarket // Costa Rica

Hey Girl Market, founded by an inspiring woman named Andreina, represents indigenous people around the world and the effort they are doing to preserve their culture and traditions. The 2016 collection is made by a group of aboriginal artisans in Costa Rica.

“I had to make a graduation project when I was in business school and I wanted to make something that had an impact in my community. I’ve been always passionate about ethical fashion, so I decided to make an online market to connect local designers and artisans in Costa Rica with people around the world.”

“When I was looking for artisans, I realized most of them were women, and they were working really hard to get a an income for their families. It is hard for women in my country to get a job, and they have amazing ideas and are very talented but most of them don´t have enough resources to start their own business.”

“We want to empower women and show them that when you work with love and passion, ANYTHING is possible.”

“This collection means a lot to me because I have an aboriginal background and I’ve been working in the past year with aboriginal communities in Canada, so I understand how hard it is to preserve their culture and traditions while they try to overcome other issues.”

“With Hey Girl Market, we give women the opportunity to generate income while they take care of their families or to make their dreams come true. Our products represent Costa Rican women. Each item is unique, colourful, and brings a very special message.”




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