@fosterieshop // Colombia

Fosterie works with a small manufacturer in Colombia to produce one-of-a-kind leather bags. The colorful straps are made by the Wayuu Tribe, while the leather and fabrics are sourced from local shops. The lovely bags are 100% Colombian made with proceeds benefiting those in need.

“The idea for Fosterie came to me after a few months of traveling full time. The poverty, living conditions, and health care opportunities we were setting made an impact on me and more than anything I just wanted to help. My background is in retail buying and sourcing and I was missing my “fashion” job after stepping away to become a nomad, so creating a marketplace where each item benefits a person or community in need was a way I could combine my interests and expertise into my new living situation.”

More than anything, I think, or hope, that Fosterie represents a global statement. I pick up inspiration and products during our travels and it affects every item I choose to add to the shop. There’s a quote I heard recently from Sheryl Sandberg, she said, “We cannot change what we are not aware of, and once we are aware, we cannot help but change.”

I realize that I’m fortunate to see and experience so much of the world through the places and cultures we visit, and that many don’t have the same opportunity. Not everything about travel is beauty, but that’s the beauty of it, and I hope that my products are able to tell stories of the people and needs we encounter in a way that’s relevant to my friends, family and customers back home. -Ashleigh (founder)


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