Cristha Fuetes

@cristhadesign // Guatemala

Cristha Fuentes’ designs represents ethical fashion, which goes hand in hand with slow fashion. Her goal is to create durable products that are made to last, while also raising awareness as to how much work is behind creating a pair of shoes.

“My mission is to connect people to the hearts and hands behind their shoes, to keep alive the old tradition of handcrafting shoes, and to provide Guatemalan artisans valuable, fair, and well-paid jobs.”

“Even if every pair has their own story, my favorite part is thinking about the new story they’ll build with their new owner. That’s why our slogan is “SHOES WITH SOUL.

“All of my products have meaning in them. They all have a story to tell, whether it’s related to Guatemala and its culture, or to the artisan who made it. The inspiration to create them comes from almost anything; each pair represents a different stage of my life and my love for Guatemala.”

We create the shoes, but you are the one in charge to give them life and to give them the personality you want.

Cristha Fuentes Designs

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