Chic Made Consciously

@chicmadeconsciously // Bali, Indonesia

Chic Made Consciously was launched in early 2015, after my travels through South East Asia. One place in particular that took my heart was the tiny island of Bali, Indonesia. I felt a deep connection there and was fascinated with the art, especially in the city of Ubud.

One afternoon, as I strolled through the streets of this city, I met lots of artisans and craftsmen working away in their shops. I stumbled across one shop in particular that really spoke to me, where each item was made intricately from repurposed tire inner tubes.

I was fascinated as I could see the passion and love exuding from the artisan. I was fortunate enough to have spent the rest of the day working in the shop with a man named Dana. This opportunity gave me insight into the problem of tire waste in Bali and all over the world.

“I was eager to be part of the movement: reusing and repurposing old waste and giving it new life. This experience led me down a new path that encouraged me to build Chic Made Consciously.” –Cassandra Ciarallo, founder

Chic Made Consciously was created with high consideration for people and the planet. Our model ensures we provide fair wages to our workers in Bali, with zero exploitation and safe working conditions. Furthermore, we are conscious of our impact on the planet and use repurposed materials to reduce the amount of tires that end up in landfills. The fast fashion industry is one that is very unsustainable for our planet, so we strive to promote sustainable and consciously made fashion, while educating people to consider the story behind the label.

Our mission is to spread awareness and encourage people to question, and challenge brands to make change. Once people become aware we can move towards making more informed purchasing decisions, ones that are help us move forward towards a more sustainable future of fashion.

Our products represent innovative design, love and passion. I work with 3 artisans: Dana, Pat and Blanka and their work is truly symbolized by their love for art, combined with their love for our planet. I often get flashbacks of my time there and how fortunate I was to experience this. This gives our customers the opportunity to experience this journey as well and be part of our movement!

In a world of fast fashion, we realize it can be difficult to make the transition towards purchasing ethically and sustainably. Our mission is focused towards educating consumers on how to remain fashionable and stylish, while still being a conscious shopper.

Check out our FREE tips to being sustainable, without sacrificing style!

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