Cedar & Cypress Designs

@cedarandcypressdesigns // Haiti

Cedar and Cypress Designs partners with five different companies in Haiti. Those companies employ over 500 people. Artisans, managers, shippers-the list is endless. Through purchase and support, they are in turn able to continue buying from partners in Haiti. This is a sustainable process of employment using a social enterprise business model.

“After living in Haiti for five years, the time came to return to the US. Haiti is a country rich in culture and booms in the arts. The community I was a part of was captivating and supportive, it was difficult and heart wrenching to leave. I knew I would not be able to walk away, it had captivated my heart. Thus, Cedar and Cypress Designs was born.” -Tara (Founder)

“In 1 Kings we read that when Solomon constructed the temple, he used Cedar and Cypress wood. That is where our name comes from. We want to be the foundation and the support for others in Haiti – like Cedar and Cypress was for the temple.  Whether it’s companies or artisans in Haiti, individual people, missionaries, or families, our goal is to support others through job creation.”

“Being a support is the core of who we are. We are proud of our partners and the artisans in Haiti. We have spent a great deal of time selecting the pieces in our collection, and offer a diverse selection of handcrafted goods including pieces for your home to jewelry to handbags.”

Be a part of the foundation. We invite you to shop with a purpose and support job creation through artisan empowerment.


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